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Kim is a Surrey born food stylist with over 20 years experience in the industry. After 5 years working on well-known food magazines as a food editor, commissioning, art directing and food styling shoots Kim decided to focus on her passion of food styling and became a freelancer food stylist in 2004.


Kim's magazine background allows her to look at the whole picture, from initial concept to final production. She works extremely closely with the food photographers, building each shot together from start to finish. Each image is created from a love of food and photography.

Kim always aim to achieve perfection, real food that literally jumps out of the picture making your mouth water and a sense that you could just pick up a chip and eat it! She loves a technical challenge and thinking outside of the box so whether it is suspending the food mid-air or creating Art out of food.

For Kim food styling is not just cooking and dishing up food. It’s creating something magical that evokes emotions and taste buds! It may sound cheesy, but for Kim food is her paint and the plate is the canvas! 


KFC / M&S / Sainsburys / OFM / Waitrose / Heinz

John Lewis / Gu / Tesco


Pink Lady Food Stylist Award Winner / 2019

Pink Lady Food Stylist Award 3rd Place / 2019

Turkey Recipe Writer of The Year / 2003

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