Kim Morphew
Food Stylist & Writer

After much anticipation The Kookey Chefs have arrived and are ready to stir things up in the kitchen!The Kookey Chefs image

Introducing Paulie, Bissit, Chuck, Tosdora and Rizzo, the first 5 Kookey Chefs to arrive on Earth. This friendly team of cheeky monsters from the planet Kooktron share their knowledge and recipes with children and parents alike. The Kookey Chefs are the creation of well-known food writer and stylist Kim Morphew. We are a brand new small company looking to expand our stockist range, please get in touch if you would like more information.

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The Kookey Chefs cookbooks

Each Kookey Chef brings with them their favourite ingredient. Each book is full of tips, cooks know-how and recipes inspiring children and adults to cook together in the kitchen. With 15 easy to follow step-by-step recipes every child will soon become a Kookey Chef apprentice.

Cook Pasta with Paulie bookCook Pasta with Paulie – £5.99

Every recipe has been designed to promote healthy eating, inexpensive and simple meals that all the family will enjoy. It also includes free Kookey Chef stickers of key recipe ingredients to help children identify different food items.

Bake Biscuits with Bissit – £5.99

Bake Biscuits with Bissit bookEvery recipe has been designed with children in mind. Full of fun ideas and easy to make recipes that help to teach children basic baking skills. It also includes a free Gift Box, so when the child has made their biscuits they can give it as a gift to friends or family.

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The Kookey Chef apprentice apron – £12

The Kookey Chefs children's apronsThese fun kids aprons come with a handy pocket and are available in two different colour combinations: blue or pink. Suitable for children aged 5 to 12 the aprons are 100% cotton, 580mm x 500mm, have an adjustable neck strap with buttons. 

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